Hello everyone!

This week in Pine tree we have been doing some fantastic and yummy ICT work, sounds strange I know!

For ICT we have been looking at following a set of instructions. So this week we decided to make some pitta bread pizza’s. We had a set of instructions to follow in a specific order –

  1. We get the pitta bread out and spread some passata over the top of the pitta bread.
  2. Sprinkle a generous amount of cheese on top.
  3. Put on a choice of toppings such as, peppers, pepperoni and tomato.
  4. Put the pizza under the grill to cook.

Everyone did fantastic; some students had a sensory messy session exploring all the different foods.

Then at snack time everyone had their pizza it was delicious!

We hope you all have a fantastic weekend and we look forward to hearing all the children’s weekend news on Monday.

See you next week!

Love from Pine tree.