A magical Artic week in Seedlings!!!!

We have been learning lots about the Artic this week and have had lots of exciting frosty learning opportunities in our classroom. In our malleable area we had white sparkly dough for us to create some snowmen with googly eyes and sparkly pipe cleaners. The children enjoyed rolling out the dough to make their snowmen. We had a lovely snowy small world area also complete with sugar cube snow and cotton wool. The children all enjoyed exploring the different Artic animals inside such as the penguins and polar bears.

We also continued the theme for our literacy lesson with our story of ‘We’re going on a polar bear hunt’, a lot of the children recognise this favourite tale already and explored the props such as ice,  a polar bear and a fan to create the stormy wind, it was so much fun!!!

We have also been very creative again in class, creating some wonderful artwork to take home to our mummy’s and daddy’s. The children are always so proud of what they have made. Well done to all our lovely artists!!

We also made a big igloo in the sensory room and outside with big soft bricks which the children loved to hide in. We could also mark make with soft snow and glitter outside which enabled the children to write, make marks or just have fun.  It was also lots of fun doing some painting with ice lollies, although more eating happened rather than mark making!!

Next week is the start of our Christmas theme and we are all very excited about this. Nativity practice is in full swing now and the children are doing really well joining in with the songs, dancing and dressing up.

We hope you all have a lovely weekend and look forward to seeing you all next week.

Lots of love from

Seedlings xxx