On Thursday in Pine Tree we all came into school either as our favourite character or in our Pyjamas and brought along our favourite book. We had many different characters in our class such as Willy Wonka and the BFG!

In class to celebrate World Book Day we focused on literacy and had some new sensory stories. We read the colour monster which is a very interesting book about the monster experiencing lots of different emotions and the colours that link to them:-

Red– Anger

Blue– Sadness

Green– Calm

Yellow– Happy

Pink– Love

Black– Fear

Mixed– Confused

After reading the story we all went into groups and made our very own book mark. We used shaving foam and food colouring to mix up our own emotion colours and then pressed the card down into the mixture. This created a lovely pattern on their book marks. Everyone enjoyed exploring the shaving foam!

We also read a book called ‘How to catch a star’. The little boy in the story really loves stars and he really wants to catch one. He tries many different ways to try and catch the star such as climbing to the top of a very tall tree and throwing a life belt around the star to try and pull it down. Eventually he finds a baby star that has fallen out of the sky and into the sea. The boy waits for the star to drift into shore and he then finally catches the star! – It was a lovely story.

At the end of the school day we were all invited to the hall to watch CBB’s night time stories. It was a lovely session and everyone enjoyed it.

Here are some pictures of the activities that we did – (and some fantastic independent skills!)