We have had some news re: The short breaks funding – Please read below.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to respond to our consultation on proposals to cease Lancashire Break Time. We have had a number of responses and through these it has become clear that we need to look at the whole short break service and not just Lancashire Break Time. We recognise that the wider service provision is quite traditional and could be better designed around the needs of children and their families.

We therefore want to look at how we can consider the whole service offer in partnership with parents and carers to make sure that what we provide offers choice and better meets the needs of users. We are planning to carry out a range of activities that include face to face meetings with parents and carers to shape a new service offer.

As part of our governance we will need to take a report to our Cabinet on 8 August to formally agree this way forward. The Lancashire Break Time service will continue in its current form until the review of how short breaks are to be delivered is completed.

Inclusion Service

Lancashire County Council

Obviously as yet we don’t know what this means for school, holiday club or parents/carers but as soon as anything more is received we will let you all know.

Have a great weekend!