Dear Parents/Carers

Thank you all once again for your continued support throughout these unprecedented times.  I am sure you are all very anxious and for the few children we still have in the school, we are trying to keep things as normal as possible for them.

As from today, all children in lower school (Seedlings, Bay Tree, Maple Tree and Pine Tree) will be based in Seedlings classroom and all children in upper school (Elm Tree, Oak Tree and Sixth Form) will be based in the sixth form.  The Compass Centre will remain as normal.

By doing this we can deep clean classes and avoid unnecessary work for our depleted cleaning team plus attempt to avoid any cross-contamination.

If your son/daughter is in receipt of free school meals, the office staff have been attempting to contact all parents and carers.  If you have not yet spoken to anyone in school about this then please phone us.

Work packs will be sent home in the near future for all children so that work and activities are available for you should the school be forced to completely shut.  I am working with my team at the moment to plan some online resources which you will be able to access on a regular basis via our Facebook page e.g. guided mindfulness, Friday assembly, sensory story, sensory circuits etc.

Please can I once again reiterate the Government advice that “Many children and young people with EHC plans can safely remain at home.”

From tomorrow, those pupils who are coming in are able to wear any clean clothes.  They do not need to wear their school uniform but I must insist that any clothes they do wear are clean on that day.

 If you feel you will have a problem providing them with clean clothes on a daily basis then please ring school to discuss this matter further.  Please can you also provide your son/daughter with a minimum of 2 complete spare changes of clothes.  Please can you also ensure that any long hair is tied up and no jewellery should be worn.

Government advice also states the following information relating to when children arrive home from school.

  • As soon as they step into the house, all clothing should be removed and put straight into the washing machine.
  • The adult who puts the clothes into the washing machine should avoid the child’s clothes coming into contact with their own clothing and then thoroughly wash their hands.
  • The child should be put straight into the shower without allowing them to touch any surface and then thoroughly washed, including their hair.

Please can I take this opportunity to remind all the parents and carers of children still coming into school that we are now viewing our provision as childcare and whilst we attempt to offer stimulating and fun activities, they will not be accessing formal learning taught by a teacher.

Over the past week I have received some very kind and supportive messages from so many of you and I thank you so much for that – it has given me the strength to keep on going!

Please all continue to follow any government advice to stay safe as I want all our wonderful children back in school fit and healthy.  We are missing you all on a daily basis.

With the warmest of wishes