This half term in Pine Tree class we will be developing our creative skills throughout our lessons, within Literacy we are expanding our knowledge of the rainforest and taking a look at Sir David Attenborough as our focus. In Numeracy we are looking at Volume and Capacity and developing skills around measuring. Science we will be focusing on Magnetism – this week we have already begun this subject and the students within Pine Tree class have enjoyed getting to grips with what is magnetic and what is not.

Computing this half term will see us following a sequence of instructions helping us to develop our Algorithms knowledge and understanding – this can be things such as pressing the correct switch to provide power to an item. Languages will still be focusing on emotions in our Lets Talk Makaton lessons, however we will be moving on from our story to incorporate our signs in other areas like singing and rhymes. History will see us learning about the Stone Age going through to the Iron Age and Design Technology we will revisit our skills of exploring and manipulating mouldable materials such as clay and using those skills to develop them further to create a range of different objects.

This week we have made a start in our lessons set out above, but the highlight has to be learning and developing our knowledge of Guys Fawkes and the gunpowder plot (Bonfire Night). Our students have enjoyed partaking in our weekly music class learning new songs about bonfire night, as well as other fun activities such as bobbing for apples. We learnt about the importance of staying safe on Bonfire Night and what to do and not do with sparklers, as well as creating some lovely pictures to show our knowledge of what we learnt.

Homework Note

It is yet again going to be another busy but fun filled half term incorporating our creative curriculum theme ‘Inspirational People’ within the different subjects. With this theme in mind this weekend’s homework is for you to think about any people that are inspirational to you and why? For example, family members, TV presenters, sports stars, nurses, doctors, your postman etc. If you could email these photographs to our class email and then on Monday we can discuss and share these in class.

Have a lovely weekend when it arrives and we look forward to seeing you all for another exciting week of learning!