This week we have been learning lots about different materials in Science. We have been breaking these down into different categories and sorting our own rubbish into the correct bins.

The children have also worked really hard on remembering their key describing words when looking at the  materials, such as opaque, transparent, hard, soft and waterproof, to help them and their peers identify the different materials.

We have looked at different daily items and identified what these could be made of, such as a car made out of metal and a a fence made from wood. The children then explored the school looking for items that were made from the various types of materials, looking for  plastic, metal, glass and fabric.

As a class we looked at what materials are waterproof and what aren’t, to which we soon discovered our clothes and school uniforms are NOT waterproof!! This then encouraged the children to make their own outfits on a picture using various materials. We then squirted these with water to see if they had managed to make a waterproof outfit or not.

Such a fab and busy week in Maple Class!

Jemma, Jude, Olivia, Carly, Karen & Abbie xx