This week the Maple Class blog will let you know what amazing work we have been doing in Science.  We have been trying different experiments to see the outcomes and use this to sort objects by the property of their material.  It has been great to be little scientists.

For the first one we had a mould of a spoon.  We poured different things into it to make spoons made out of different materials.  We then helped to stir a cup of tea (hot water) for Vicky and looked at which one made her the best cup of tea.  Some of them were no good as they broke up into the cup.  We found that the material shouldn’t melt to make a good spoon for tea.

For another experiment we put some paper clips in a bottle of water.  We then had to use magnets to make the paperclips move in different ways.  It was good to learn how to make them dance.  We also put other items in and looked at which materials float and which sink.

Finally we made an electricity circuit and put different items in it.  We then saw whether the circuits worked or not.  It only worked with the metal knife in the circuit.  This meant we learnt that metal will conduct the electricity but the other materials didn’t.

This week it has been good to learn about properties of materials by doing these experiments.

Have a good weekend

Maple Class Team x x x