It has been a super exciting week in Bay Tree Class, we have been focusing on history and of course Halloween! All the children have been reading the gun plot story where Guy Fawkes puts gun powder under the Kings chair, he gets caught by the guards and is put in a cold, damp jail.  Everyone liked exploring dressing up as the king, feeling the gun powder (black sand), pretending to be in jail and also popping the party poppers like fire works. Following the story we made our very own wanted posters.  To make them look old we used damp tea bags to discolour the paper and then cut out and glued our picture onto it! Its super tricky sometimes to use the scissors but we all did fantastic.  We have also made some fantastic firework paintings using straws, syringes and forks!

Halloween has been another focus this week and we have been busy decorating our spooky classroom with spiders, spider web, skeletons, witches, bats and ghosts!  We de-seeded, carved and painted our very own pumpkins. We made a spooky witches potion using kiwis, bananas, water melon, apples, pears and milk. It was delicious. There was also a Halloween story called ‘Webster witches ugly potion’. Webster witch  made a potion to make her ugly which consisted of-

  • Spit – water spray
  • Hair – Wig
  • Snot – mushy peas
  • Sweaty armpit – deodorant smell
  • Botty burps – balloon noise
  • Sticky ear wax – Brown Play-Doh
  • Prickly Knee – prickly brush
  • Nail clippings – nail clipping switch sound

Everyone took turns to mix the ugly potion together, yuck! At the end of the story Webster witches potion goes all wrong and doesn’t make her ugly but actually makes her beautiful!

Its been such a fun and exciting week in Bay Tree, we hope you all have a fantastic weekend and we look forward to hearing your weekend news on Monday.

Here are some pictures of our super spooky week!