In Sixth Form we started our first week back with a BBQ Monday morning! For our meal prep lesson we made our own burgers from scratch and enjoyed them for our dinner. It definitely felt like summer and the weather was perfect BBQ weather for us all.

On Tuesday we were all very happy to get back to performing arts after our break learning a new pirate song and crafting telescopes and fans. Meanwhile in animal care we discovered which animals some of our favourite foods come from and we were shocked to find out where nuggets come from!

In our vocation choices this week, we made cupcakes for catering and started to plan our very own Sixth form Tikki Bar and researched mocktail recipes. The decorations we have started to make are looking very exotic.

Our entrepreneurs have been very busy this week, creating an advert and posters for their new wax melts and burners. Its brilliant that everyone is so enthusiastic when learning about business and wanting their product to be successful. The wax melts and burners will be going on sale very soon and we think they will be very popular.

We had a lovely buffet for dinner on Thursday for the Queens 95th birthday and had a treat from AFC Fylde with their wonderful live performance of the little mermaid. We are looking forward to our weekly visit from Blackpool FC for some sports on Friday and can safely say that we will all be sleeping well this weekend after a fantastic first week back.