This week we have had areas that we know the children have enjoyed throughout the year to play and explore whilst learning through play. The children have really enjoyed playing mum’s and dad’s with the babies and looking after them in our home corner. The children have been busy bathing the baby or getting them dressed it has been lovely to watch them. In our malleable area we have been baking with play dough. The children love being imaginative and we have had lovely cakes and cups of tea as the children’s creations.

We have had a special twist on a very much loved story of the Gruffalo this week too in our literacy lesson with our class teacher Lindsey rapping the story to the children. The children all thought this was wonderful and we could all have a dance whilst enjoying the story. This was so much fun and we hope that Lindsey will be rapping again soon!! Of course we have still also been visiting our ice cream shop in our numeracy lesson and using our pennies again this is a popular lesson with our children singing along and buying a special treat!

Outside we have all enjoyed the warm weather and being builders wearing the special vests and hard hats!!! With our extension of our classroom, the children all really enjoy watching what is going on and the builders hard at work, so of course we had to dress up like them too and get busy building! We have also had lots of big shapes to explore outside, the children can count the sizes and try to recognize which shapes there are.

Dinosaurs took over our small area this week, as this is something the children have all engaged with really well previously whilst playing and learning about these huge scary animals. We had some big scary ones which the children loved to play with and show us there best ROAR!!

Next week we are continuing the theme of what we have all enjoyed this year as we approach our final week in Seedlings. So we have lots more learning opportunities planned and can not wait to share them with our lovely children before we all head off on our summer adventures!

We hope you have a lovely weekend and we will see you on Monday.

Love from Seedlings xxx