On Monday Daniel, Kane, Edward, Fletcher and Thomas went to Beacon Fell for the morning.   They walked through the trees and thought the view of the sunshine was lovely.   They stopped for snack of biscuits and juice which they enjoyed and shared with the rabbits.  Thomas and Danielle saw a deer.      The other students had Zumba and numeracy tasks to do in school.

Tuesday is Fletchers favourite day of the week, as he goes to Wheelz for Us in the morning and Trampoline in the afternoon.

A new event on Thursday mornings has begun where Niamh, Edward and Fletcher go on a community walk through Kirkham.

Jack would like to wish all the mothers and his own Mum a very Happy Mothers Day.

Spotlight on TJ.

Jack asks TJ several questions.

Jack “What have you enjoyed best about this week”

TJ “Doing the play –The Love of an Indian tank engine and Bonds Beyond Time”

Jack “What is great about your play”.

TJ “Because its based on Yugioh abridged”

Jack “What was your favourite school meal this week”

TJ “Burger and Chips & cake & custard”