We have had a great start to being back in Maple class after the summer break.  Everyone has settled back into school and the new routines in class.  Hard work has already been started across the school day.

Last week we were focussing on our Art work by looking at colours as well as paintings by the artist Monet.  We then tried to recreate these pictures using small brush strokes like he did.  The work that the children completed was amazing.  It showed the effort that the children had put in.

This week we have started our PSD lessons about Personal Hygiene.  We performed different experiments to learn how germs spread and how to get rid of them.  It was amazing to see the germs (pepper) move away from the washing up liquid.  Jemma showed how germs spread by shaking our hands when she had glitter on them.  We then had to wash them carefully to make sure all the glitter had gone.

An excellent week of learning Maple Class.

We hope you all have a good weekend.

Maple Class Team x x x