We have all been getting in the Christmas spirit this week. We have enjoyed a Christmas party in the hall with all our friends from the other classes. We enjoyed doing lots of dancing and singing. We also enjoyed a lovely Christmas lunch in the classroom yum yum, we had crackers and party hats to wear it was so much fun. We also had another visit from Father Christmas in our very own Santa’s grotto it was very magical and the children were so excited and happy to receive a present and have a little chat with the big man himself.

In numeracy we have all been joining in singing ‘ 5 mince pies’ the children enjoy paying for their own mince pie with a penny and taking one to eat right away. This has been enhancing the children’s use of numbers and counting. We then enhanced the learning further by making our own mince pies in a baking lesson, lots of scooping, mixing and rolling the pastry was enjoyed by all. It was also a little bit messy which is always fun!!

The children have all been finishing off their Christmas craft bags to take home to our mum’s and dad’s. The children enjoy being creative and our very proud of all their art work.

We also attended a school assembly on Friday, the children all did so well as this can sometimes be quite daunting in the hall with so many other children and staff. The children enjoyed listening to each classes special song and singing along to our seedling’s class song. Well done Children!!

We wish all our children and families a very happy Christmas and look forward to seeing you all next year.

Love from Seedlings xxx