A fantastic MADD week in Seedlings!!!

This week has been our MADD, (Music, Art, Dance and Drama) week in school for all the school to celebrate. We have lots of activities on offer around school for all the children to participate in and learn from.

On Monday we had a whole school assembly in the morning, which we were very proud of our children for attending. The hall can be quite daunting for our little Seedlings when being used by the whole school. Our Seedlings sat beautifully and enjoyed singing and joining in along with everyone. Well done children! In the afternoon we had a very lovely Belly Dancing session in the hall which our children also enjoyed getting dressed up for and dancing to the music using their Gross Motor Skills for physical development.

On Tuesday our whole class enjoyed a PE lesson with Paula in the hall based around movement, music and light. The children again all joined in very well and enjoyed the sensory light up toys to explore and feel. We all had a very messy activity in the classroom with shaving foam, cream and toothpaste to explore; it was very messy and so much fun!!  The children could experiment by feeling with our hands and feet, creating marks with mark making tools and also creating pictures out of our lovely messy stuff tray to present in the hall to display our talented artists!!!

On Wednesday we had a very energetic morning with a Zumba class starting in the hall. The children all had to watch the instructor and try to copy his dance moves. The children worked very hard and enjoyed dancing and socialising with the rest of the lower schools children. This gave the children a chance to move their bodies and also observe there peer’s and teachers. In the afternoon the children had a very messy activity on offer again in our playground. ‘Rainbow Printing’ was a selection of different coloured paint for the children to mark make using their hands and feet to create there marks. We had lots of bowls of warm water and towels at the ready as we knew how much the children would love this activity and gain so much sensory learning from. We had very colourful hands and feet that afternoon !!!

On Thursday we all enjoyed a music session in our community room with our Music teacher Anna where we could get creative with musical instruments and the sounds they make. The children could choose an instrument of interest to create there sound. This then followed on to a music session in the hall with John Morrow. He was fantastic and had all the children joining in playing lots of different sounds and listening to the rhythm  of the music.

Then in the blink of an eye it was Friday, the children helped to create our pop up display in the hall which was set up to display the whole schools creative artwork. Our Seedlings made their very own self-portraits too which were so lovely for the children to make whilst looking in a mirror to see their very beautiful faces. The children have worked hard all week to help add to the display.

To finish off our amazing MADD Week we had a party in the hall in the afternoon. What a wonderful week we have all had learning lots of new and exciting things, we can not wait for the next one!!!

See you all next week children, we hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Lots of love from Seedlings xxx