Hello and welcome to the Pine Tree Class blog for this academic year. Firstly apologies for the delay in there being a class blog, there has been some technical difficulties which now seem to of been resolved. Fingers crossed moving forward you should have a weekly blog to read about what exciting learning we have been doing in Pine Tree Class focusing in particular on one subject. In class this week we have been continuing to build relationships and get to know the different members of our class including any new pupils or staff who have joined us this year. We have learnt about the importance of friendships as part of our PSD learning. We have been creating friendship trees, involving decorating our own individual tree and then sticking a picture of our peers and staff from class onto the tree. We have been thinking about the qualities of ‘what makes a good friend’ and writing words and sentences about each person as to why they are a good friend. This activity was extremely heart warming to hear the different words and phrases they use to describe each other after only a few weeks of really knowing each other as a class. We have also learnt about how we can maintain friendships and how to overcome disagreements/arguments that may occur throughout the year and how these could be resolved in order to move forward and continue to build friendships within our class.

With this topic in mind your homework this weekend is to email several photographs of your friends and family (these can include any pets etc..) to our class email address (please make sure you have their permission for these to be used in class at school) and then these can be discussed in class next week as to why these people/animals etc.. are ‘good friends’.

Have a lovely weekend and if you do venture out wrap up warm as the weather is meant to be fairly cold.

See you next week for another fantastic week of learning,

Love all the staff in Pine Tree Class 🙂