Hi there shipmates,

You’re going to be blown away by the work we’ve been doing this week in Elm Tree. Our new literacy story for this half term is ‘Treasure island’, it’s a very exciting story about a young boy called Jim Hawkins and the most feared pirate called Long John Silver. Jim goes on a hunt to find treasure after finding a treasure map.

We have well and truly got into character practicing our sword fighting, perfecting our mean pirate faces, learning pirate Makaton signs and even going around school on a treasure hunt to find Billy Bone’s treasure chest! We had ‘a b-arrr-el of laughs’ and you won’t believe the magical treasure we found!


Jim’s treasure map was so cool we were desperate to make our own, we used a teabag to stain our paper.

We tore the edges to make it look authentic, practised our fine motor skills cutting and sticking then drew a dotted line so whoever finds our maps know which way to go to find the treasure.

What do you think of argggh finished treasure maps?

Shiver me timbers, here’s a quick joke to end this weeks blog:

“What’s a pirate’s favourite letter?”  “You’d think it would be arrr, but it’s actually the C!”

Have a lovely weekend

Elm Tree Class