I have been reading through the book Alice in Wonderland. I really like this book and have answered some questions about the main character Alice.

1. What does Alice drink? And what happens to her?
‘Drink me’ drink and it makes her small
2. What does Alice eat? And what happens to her?
Cake and she grows big
3. What animal does Alice see first?
A Rabbit
4. What was the white rabbit carrying when Alice scared him?
Gloves and a fan
5. Who lives in the nice garden?
The Queen of Hearts
6. Tell me your best part of the story?
When Alice fell down the rabbit hole
7. Who is your best character?
8. Alice holds a baby, what animal does the baby turn into?
A pig.
9. What does Alice think is swimming behind her in her tears?
A Hippo
10. Because Alice was very small, what animal was it when she turned around?
A Mouse.