Apart from the usual activities that we all enjoy at the Compass Centre, we had some other special events this week.

On Wednesday in cookery, Saskia took the lesson and was a good teacher. Tom and Chloe from 6th form came to watch Jack and Daniel cooking and Saskia teaching them how to bake and follow instructions.   We made chocolate cupcakes, they tasted amazing.

Mark and Alex took Jack to the Co-op in Kirkham where  he met Lee the manager, they  talked about his up-coming work placement.  Jack feels very happy to start working here on Friday.

A big shout out to Jack W from all his friends and staff at the Compass Centre and Pear Tree for his Birthday on Wednesday.   Happy 19th Jack.

Jack has asked a few members of students and staff what they liked best about this week.

Dylan said “colouring in is fun”.  Today he is colouring in Casper and the colours he will choose are Red, White and Blue.

Saskia was happy because she learnt how to go underwater at swimming on Wednesday.

Debbie Sweatman enjoyed watching Fletcher and Kane on the trampoline, they had so much fun.