This week in History Craig had made a very special story about Pine Tree class going on an adventure back in time to Ancient Greek.  They crash landed in ancient ruins and found a strange poster with funny letters on it, it was written in Greek writing so we couldn’t understand it.  As they continued to walk they bumped into some Greek soldiers! They shouted stop! So everybody ran to a nearby house to hide and found lots of Greek foods such as olives, hummus and fruit.  A man walked into the house wearing a very strange outfit called a Toga and asked who we were. The man took us to see the ancient Greek Olympic Games.  We saw lots of different games such as races and javelin. After this the man took us back to our time machine and we all crash landed back at Pear Tree School.

Following the story we all got creative and made an Ancient Greek garland.  In order to do this we got out all the materials needed such as green card, glue and scissors. Everyone sat around the table and independently made their Garlands.  After making them we got to dress up in a Toga and tried on our Garlands!

Here are some pictures of us –