This week’s blog will let you know about a special day we celebrated on Thursday.  It was a joint experience day organised by the Geography and Modern Foreign languages team.  Each class had a country that was their theme.  Bay Tree Class had chosen China.

In the morning we went to a special music session with lower school. We danced to Egyptian music and played instruments to other countries music including India and Japan.

After that we spent time in our class finding out about China and taking part in lots of activities about China.  There was food to taste, clothes to wear, chopsticks to try and use, colouring to do and even a chance to try Chinese writing.

Some of us went to a sensory story about bath time around the world.

In the afternoon we had a class passport and we went to everyone’s classrooms to visit lots of different countries.  We had to try and get a stamp from each country.  The countries we visited were Italy, France, India and Spain.

As you can see from the photos this was a really enjoyable day.

Have a great weekend

Bay Tree Class