This week in Bay Tree Class we have been focusing on Art. The artist we are looking at this term is called  Eric Carl.

During this lesson we read a story about artists and how colours to paint animals! There was a brown crocodile, yellow cow, black bear, pink rabbit, orange elephant, purple fox and a blue horse. There are corresponding smells to go along side the colours that we all smell such as Lemon for yellow and aniseed for black, everyone enjoyed smelling the different smells and it was interesting to see which we liked and didn’t like.

After our circle session we all come to the art table and begin to paint independently! There are many colours to choose from and different types of painting utensils such as sponge rollers, sponge dabbers, paint brushes and stamps. Everybody gets stuck in, we love getting messy! Other groups use plastic wallets with paint inside which they hit or squeeze in order to independently move the paint onto the paper.

Once our paintings are dry we will pick our very own animal and create a collage with our paint work!

Here are some pictures of our arty messy fun!