Hello Maple Tree families!

Hope you all had a good weekend and have had a good week. Your children have all been busy and happy this week. We have continued to enjoy out Buddhism topic. We have learnt about the story of Buddha, practiced meditating and spent time thinking about how to be kinder and more thoughtful people.

Tuesday saw us back at swimming following the Space trip last week. We all loved swimming and worked really hard with Greg. We also had an Athletics morning with AFC Fylde where we did lots of games and activities with our friends from Pine Tree class.

On Wednesday we had an interactive music concert which was really exciting, it was lovely to see the different instruments that the band brought and the huge harp and saxophone went down very well with all the children feeling a nice calming effect from the music, the highlight at the end being the Frozen songs and singalong.

We have worked super hard in numeracy identifying and exploring 3D shapes and describing the properties of the shapes using mathematical language. We are all enjoying our new literacy story about going to the zoo and are all feeling really excited about our upcoming educational visit to the zoo! The end of the week has seen us getting ready for Father’s Day, learning about how our dads and families help us and the different ways we can say thank you for everything they do for us!

French has been lots of fun again with the children learning about the weather in the French language and we have started to learn the signs for the weather too. The children try really hard to repeat some of the French weather words back and enjoy exploring the sensory items relating to the weather such as hot objects, sun cream, a water spray bottle, the fan, snow powder and ice. The biggest hit of course being the different food that you might eat to warm up or cool down, some of the children practiced saying the French words for different food before they got to have a taste!

Have a lovely weekend, lets hope the weather perks up!!

Maple Tree Class xxx