On Wednesday, Bay Tree Class held a History day linked to our theme of Florence Nightingale.  Some children (and staff) came to school in costume and we had soldiers, generals and nurses.

We started the day by looking at our story that tells us about Florence Nightingale.  We then had snack sat in a circle around the campfire like we imagined they would do in the army.

For the rest of the morning we were able to explore different areas.  There was a hospital wing with uniforms, a bed, bandages and other props.  We had great fun role playing different roles and trying to put on bandages.

There was also an army area where  we explored items relating to this.  The noisy meal tins caused great delight when they were hit with spoons.   It was also good fun to try and crawl under the cargo net (table) like they do in training.

There was also an area where we could look at old and new items to see how things have changed.

After lunch there was a shock for us as someone had come and made a big mess on the floor.  After some of us had enjoyed playing in the mess we set to work cleaning it all up.  No hoovers we used just brushes and mops.

A great day was had by all.

Enjoy the weekend

Bay Tree Class 🙂