We have had another fun packed week in Bay Tree Class, which has included beginning to learn our songs in preparation for the school Nativity performances. We have even began rehearsals and are starting to recognise what parts we have been given.

This week the blog will let you know about the learning that has taken place in History. We have been learning about the Great Fire of London. We found out that is started in a bakers shop on Puddling Lane, so we had fun trying to make bread. This activity was thoroughly enjoyed by all and some ended up with more flour on them, than in the bread mix itself!  We baked the finished rolls and all had a taste of them to see if we liked them or not; they were absolutely delicious!


We have learnt that they didn’t have ovens that you can turn off like nowadays, but cooked/ baked using open fires/ stoves. We also found out that the fire brigade had to use buckets and water squirters instead of having fire engines and hoses like they do in the present day. We practiced using this bucket line method to put out ‘fires’ (photographs of fires) in the playground and realised how hard it would have been. This has been an extremely enjoyable topic with lots of hands on experiences to support our learning.

Have a wonderful weekend and hopefully the sun will shine.

Bay Tree Class Team 🙂