This week in Bay Tree class, we started a new PSD topic about how we can look after our school. Firstly, we all read the story ‘The Messy Magpie’ together and we spoke about the themes within it; the impact of littering, looking after our environment, recycling and taking care of animals and each other.

Next, we all shared our ideas about how the characters were feeling and how we would feel if our school was messy and covered in litter, like in the story. Then, when we came into class, we saw that there had been litter dropped all over the room, so we decided we should work together to clean it all up and organise it into different piles for recycling.

After this, we enjoyed getting arty by upcycling a range of different wrappers and items to create our own posters reminding others not to litter. We used a range of creative and fine motor skills to cut, pat, stick and rip the wrappers/material to make our posters, which we then displayed around school.

As you can see, our posters look really effective and we’re really proud of our hard work! We hope you all have a lovely weekend and maybe you can think of another way that we could take care of our school.