This week in Bay Tree class, we have been learning about recycling. We started by reading our story ‘The Messy Magpie’ and shared how it makes us feel when things are all messy and scattered around on the floor and also how we feel when things are nice, tidy and clean. We also explored a range of items that were made from paper, card and plastic and we talked about what each item was made of and how they look and feel.  We then worked together to recycle the items by putting them into the correct bins. At the end of the week, we got our creative juices flowing and had lots of fun recycling the items by making them into different things like robots, a piggy bank and a rocket!

On Thursday, we also had lots of fun dressing up as different book characters and taking part in lots of fun activities such as making smoothies, decorating book marks and finding book characters in the playground with our friends for World Book Day! We hope you get the chance to share your favourite story at home this weekend too.