Bay Tree have been having lots of fun this week in our Numeracy lessons! We have just started learning about prepositions and have had lots of great hands-on activities to help us understand and remember what prepositions are.

To begin, we had a fun lesson where we used the interactive whiteboard to work out which treasures were ‘next to’, ‘inside’, ‘on’, ‘behind’ and ‘under’ the treasure chest!

Next, we learnt how to speak, sign and use our communicators to describe the positions of different treasures to our friends and teachers; for example, telling them that the mermaid shells were ‘under’ the table.

Then the following day we came into class and found a real treasure chest with a map and instructions inside! We worked as a team to read the instructions and worked out where each of the treasures were hidden around the classroom. As I’m sure you can tell from the photographs, we had a lot of fun hunting for the treasure and returning it to the treasure chest as quickly as we could!!

Maybe you could put your preposition skills to the test at home by having a fun treasure hunt together or even playing hide and seek at home at the weekend! We hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Love Bay Tree xxx