Hello everyone,

This week we would like to share with you how we all enjoyed learning about bonfire night! We explored different props in our circle time and then in the sensory room linked to the topic, these included:

  • Ice Pack – to represent the cold weather
  • Gloves and hats – to keep us warm
  • The smell of the bonfire – smoky and coal
  • The taste of Parkin cake
  • The colourful lights we might see
  • The sounds of the fireworks by popping bubble wrap and pressing switches


We also experimented with mark making using tubes and forks and lots of sparkle to make our own representations of the fireworks we might see!

We hope you all had a wonderful bonfire night, we know it can be quite daunting for some of our little ones when they do hear and see the fireworks, hopefully they all enjoyed it.

Have a great weekend everyone!