This week in Pine Tree class we have celebrated Children’s Mental Health week. Throughout the week the students (and staff) have enjoyed a pamper session using foot spas, relaxation and hand massage and listened to calming music. We have talked about our feelings and what makes us happy, sad, scared, nervous, excited and how it is okay to all feel different at times. For our homework last week the students were asked to create a support balloon which we shared as part of our class news. These were amazing and well done for sharing them with the class. Following on from this we made support balloons in class, some using real balloons and others drew and decorated their own balloons and added on people within their support network like friends, family and animals etc. We made positivity jars, decorating them and putting things on that we are good at and things we can improve at within our jars. We thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to make fruit kebabs exploring different tastes, smells and textures of a range of fruits, yum yum!

As part of Safer Internet Day 2022 we revisited previous learning and extended our knowledge and understanding of ‘Internet Safety’ and entered a competition to design our own Internet Safety poster. These included different types of technology to access the internet, safe websites and guidance to keep us safe when using the internet, and most importantly to always ask a responsible adult before accessing anything we’re unsure of.

WOW what a wonderful week and a fantastic end to this half term!

Have a lovely break, have fun and stay safe.

Love everyone in Pine Tree Class 🙂