Christmas fun in seedlings!!!!

We have had another fantastic week in seedlings. We are all so very proud of the children’s first nativity at school this week. The children all performed amazingly well and the performances were enjoyed by all. Well done children!!

This week in numeracy we have been singing ‘5 mince pies’ where the children could buy a mince pie with their own pennies, the children enjoyed this lesson singing and counting along.

In literacy we have been continuing with our Christmas story where the children can explore the props learning about baby Jesus and Bethlehem. The children really like it when we turn the lights off and use the torch to follow the Star, it’s very magical. We have had lots of snowball fights again this week, the children get so excited when they see them.

Outside the children have still been busy in Santa’s workshop helping to build the toys, this allows the children to use their imagination and be creative of what we can make.

On Friday we had our first class trip out to Space, we all had a lovely time and the children were all so good and really enjoyed our morning out.

What a fun busy week.

Have a lovely weekend everyone and see you next week.

Love from Seedlings xxxx