It’s looking a lot like Christmas time in Seedlings!!!!

Our classroom has been transformed this week with lovely Christmas decorations, the home corner was made very cosy with added Christmas food items that the children could play with and explore.  We enjoyed listening to the story of Christmas in our RE lesson and was able to explore the props and talk about how Jesus was born.  Nativity songs are being practiced in the classroom too, to help the children (and teachers ) to learn and recognise the music and words. The children are all doing so well with this and we cannot wait for our performances next week and seeing our family coming to watch us.

Outside we had our Christmas workshop, complete with tools to help make and create lots of lovely presents. Some of the children worked really hard at this and enjoyed using the tools. In the sand pit we added lots of Christmas baubles, the children could play in the sand with.

This week we also had our Seedlings Christmas Party, the children were all so excited to explore the Christmas activities set out in the hall. We also played party games such as pass the parcel and musical bumps! We also had a very special visit from Father Christmas it was so magical. It was so lovely to see all the children so happy and enjoying themselves. There was of course lots of yummy party food for this too which we also enjoyed eating very much.

Last but not least, a highlight of this week for all the children was snowball fights and lots of them!

We have had so much fun

Lots of love

From Seedlings xxxx