1. What happened this week at Pear Tree?
This week we have had a Christmas party in the hall, a Christmas buffet, we have been making Christmas cards and other fun things.
2. Where did you go, Wednesday afternoon at Pear Tree?
At school, I went to a Christmas Party in the hall. Chloe came with me and we met Amy from Sixth form at the party. I danced with my friends and enjoyed showing teacher Will my hair shaking trick.
3. Did you join in with any competitions at the Christmas Party?
I joined in with the dancing competition. My favourite song that I danced to, was the Macarena.
4. Did you win any prizes at the Christmas Party?
Yes! I won two packets of sweets. The Haribo Strawberries are my FAVOURITE sweets.
5. Which character at the Christmas Party did you enjoy meeting the most?
It would have to be Chase from Paw Patrol. We also met Buster, but I am not sure which character he was.
6. What competition at school did you win last week?
I won the competition about road safety and I had to make a poster about not using your phone. I won a voucher from McDonald’s. I haven’t used this yet, but I like getting a plain BBQ chicken wrap.
7. What has Class 3 been making this week?
They have been making Christmas cards, Baubles to hang on our trees at home and other Christmas crafts like party hats and table decorations.
8. Have you given out any Christmas cards to your friends this year?
Yes I have. My mum bought them for me and I wrote them at home. I brought one in for all the staff in the Compass Centre and for all of my friends.
9. What are you most looking forwards to on your Christmas break?
Sleeping in my bed in the mornings and not getting up early for school. I am also really excited to open my presents on Christmas morning.
10. What is your favourite food on your Christmas lunch?
I love the sausage on my Christmas dinner out of everything. I love having chocolate cake for my pudding afterwards.