We welcomed the children back after a lovely long bank holiday weekend and enjoyed reading our news books in class all about what we all got up to at the weekend. The children love sharing with their friends all the fun things they have been doing. Transport has been a big hit with our little ones so following on from the interest the children have shown, we decided to keep some of our provision the same for the children to still explore and enjoy. One Area of interest was our small world area with the wooden train set and trains. We could see some fantastic role play from the children as they explored. We also have a big boat to explore in our under the sea area with activities that the children could explore including a sand tray with shells and pebbles for the children to touch and feel, and the sea was created by soft blue fabrics with sea creatures and animals to look at and play with also enabling the children to use their imaginations and role play setting sail in the boat.

Some fantastic Sailboats were being created in our Arts and Crafts area, the children could use their hands or feet to print their sail and then decorate their boat with a beautiful print!!! We also love to encourage our children to become beautiful writers, so we had big black card taped down onto the classroom floor for the children to mark make or draw train tracks following the stencil of the tracks.

The children are really engaged in our train journey story in Literacy and enjoy exploring the props to go along with the story. The story tells the children about lots of things we may see out of our window on our way, its so exciting  being the ticket collector and wearing his hat. We even got to make our own sandwich for snack time as in the story we have a yummy picnic, the children could not wait to then eat their lovely snack. To finish off the story time we all sing a fun song about the trains going on there way and what sounds they make, the children enjoy singing along. We have some beautiful singers!!

We look forward to seeing all the children next week for lots more fun and learning!!

Have a lovely Weekend everyone

Lots of love from Seedlings xxx