Hello everyone!

Elm Tree has another exciting week! In literacy we have been looking at twisted fairy tales, the story of Cinderella and Cinderedna, the pupils have really enjoyed this. Also some of the class have had a session in Oak Tree taking part in catering, learning cutting skills and kitchen safety, whilst some of Oak Tree and the remaining students learned about evacuee’s in world war two.

Some of our students have been exploring sensory solid, liquids and gases in Science this week, feeling water beads, mark making in colourful cornflour and blowing bubbles into bright coloured water! We also had another explosive lesson making an even bigger volcano, as you can see it was very dramatic and the students were fantastic at identifying the solids, liquids and gases!!

Have a lovely weekend,

Stay safe and have big fun,

Lots of love

Alex, Vicky, Donna, Diane, Michelle, Heidi, Liz