This week on the blog we will be telling you about the learning that takes place in the community room.  This is a separate bubble of Maple and Bay Class pupils who enjoy having fun while they are learning in different ways.  The day has a variety of sessions to enable them to achieve their targets.

The pupils access equipment to build their strength and stamina.  This also lets them learn in the best way.

During sensory circuits some pupils are learning to tolerate and cooperate with different sensory inputs.  Others are beginning to become independent in the activities.

The pupils enjoy UV light sessions as well as water and messy play.  Through this they learn different skills relating to exploration, communication, interaction and tolerance.

All the pupils have individual targets which they achieve through all of the sessions.

This week they have taken part in the whole school project to create a piece of art to represent what we enjoyed during COVID.  The pupils used balls with paint on to create their own unique patterns.  Pictures to represent what they have enjoyed were then added.

We hope you enjoyed hearing about this bubble.  Have a good weekend.

Maple Class Team x x x x