This week in Bay Tree Class we have been getting technical in Computing.We have been looking at algorithms which means following a set of instructions. To start this session off we go through step by step how to make a jam sandwich! Yummy! Everyone had amazing jam sandwich making skills, so on your next picnic be sure to let them make some. It can be super tricky to butter the bread and jam and cut it into shapes.

After this all the children can visit the different stations set up in class. We had Bee-bots which are little devices that are controlled by pressing the arrows and directing them, we also had a Bee-bot  app on the I pad. Another group were using an I pad to control a robot! This was very exciting,  you could even record your voice and the robot would speak! A third group were using the Quiver app which makes pictures that the children have coloured in and come alive! There was also lots of switches which you can use to record your voice and play it back and some special lights to explore.

Its been a great week and we all really enjoy exploring all the computing devices and technology.

Here is some pictures of our session!