Dear Parents/Carers

Thank you all for being so patient with us whilst we have been wading through the guidance from the Government to inform our September planning.  I am sure you will appreciate that any plan we now make may be subject to change if the local or national situation changes, however I am going to remain positive and hope that we will be able to move forward with our plans.

As previously mentioned, I am aiming for a full re-opening for all children in September subject to appropriate health and safety measures in place for some.  The vast majority of our children will be able to return on Wednesday 2nd September as per our school calendar.  Those pupils who may need to be observed by a physio or member of the school nursing team prior to re-entering school will be informed of a date for return before the end of the summer term.

I understand that many of you may be anxious about sending your son/daughter back into school in September and also concerned as to what school will look like on their return.  Throughout this whole Pandemic, staff have carefully considered how to make school a safe place but also how we ensure the building is still an inviting and fun place to come in to.  A short film will be available on Facebook towards the end of the summer holiday, which will demonstrate what our environment looks like and what the children should expect.  Maybe take time to watch this with your son/daughter to alleviate any concerns you or they may have.  A social story about returning to school will also be sent out to support their return.

All pupils will be educated within their ‘bubble’ and under the direction of their class teacher.  We may have to split some classes into smaller groups but their class teacher will still remain responsible for them.  Bubbles will not mix throughout the school day and whole school or group activities will be temporarily suspended.

An updated risk assessment will be available on our website for you to read through and thorough hand washing and managing good respiratory hygiene will be a priority.

Due to the constraints of school transport, they are unable to transport children in their school bubbles so unfortunately children will be mixed together during this time.  The school office will shortly be sending out a survey monkey email (this may go into your junk email) regarding returning to school in September and school transport.  Thank you for considering whether or not you would be able to support by transporting your child to and from school as this will help enormously and limit numbers on vehicles.  If your son/daughter does still require school transport and they are over the age of 11, I would ask you to consider whether they would be willing and able to wear a mask for the duration of the journey.  I am well aware that for some of our young people this would cause great distress and understand that not all pupils would be able to participate.  I will communicate additional travel plans including procedures and protocols for arriving and departing the school before the end of the term when I collate the responses from the survey.

I am looking forward to all the children being back in the building to share with us the fantastic opportunities and experiences they have had at home during this period.  Many will be craving a return to structure and routine which will be provided for them alongside our new SHINE recovery curriculum to support their mental health and well-being.

A new home school agreement will be sent out before the end of the summer term.  This has been amended in line with new protocols in place and I would ask that you read all points before signing the form and returning it to school ASAP.  We will require a completed form to be sent back into school before your child returns in September.

If I don’t speak to you before the end of the term, I would once again like to thank each of you for the support, understanding and kindness you have shown me and the whole staff team throughout these very difficult times.  I am going to do my absolute best to make sure that Pear Tree School is as safe as it possibly can be for a full return in September and the whole staff team can’t wait to have all the children back with us.  They have all been missed so much.


With the warmest of wishes