We have been learning a dance to songs from Grease the musical.  Whilst dancing in unison (altogether) and in cannon (one after another) we included the mash potato move which was our favourite.  We used scarves and had to include a stretch, a scrunch and a throw.

In gardening and the home this week we’ve learnt about the names of each of the hand tools.  We used the trowel, secateurs and the garden fork to practise moving soil into pots in the classroom as well as make a start on keeping the school gardens looking good.

This week in meal prep students learnt how to use knives to peel vegetables whilst others learnt to put the vegetables into the pan when asked to do so.  The new cooking action we learnt whilst making our dinner was “searing” the meat.  We know that this means to brown it in the pan before putting it into the oven.