In Design Technology we have been learning all about wood and the different things that can be made out of it. We have also been learning about different pieces of equipment, tools and health and safety related to making things out of wood.

Altogether we looked around our classroom and then the rest of school to find things made out of wood. We found out that the doors, tables, paper, window frames and radiator covers are all made out of it. We have also gone out in the community to find things made out of wood, these included benches, trees and twigs.

We have made some bird feeders out of wood, stick men and stick women with our own faces on and also our very own wooden hedgehogs. To make the hedgehogs we hammered nails into a piece of wood for their spikes and then we painted them the same colour a hedgehog would be.

Here are some pictures of us hard at work and enjoying our learning.

This week we have also been learning and talking all about feelings and ‘Finding Our Brave’ as it is Children’s Mental Health Week, 3rd February till the 9th , each morning we have talked about how we feel and why, for example a lot of the children said happy as they were at school!

Have a lovely weekend, and see you all on Monday:)