Hello everyone,

This week we have continued our learning with the topic of dinosaurs and have linked this to celebrations and have had a ‘Dinosaur tea party.’ We have enjoyed creating our very own dinosaur party hats using lots of different art and craft materials. We have been making our very own dinosaur party food too using lots of play food, messy play and even the mud outdoors too – then importantly after all that yummy food we have been learning the skill of brushing the dinosaurs teeth before bedtime!

In our role play dinosaur cave we added lots of musical instruments and the children have enjoyed developing their skills in playing a variety of different instruments through vocalizing into the microphone, shaking, tapping, blowing and scraping instrument to achieve sounds, the louder the better the children thought! This has also linked nicely to our phonics lesson where we are learning to listen to and identify instrumental sounds!

We have a few more dinosaur themed days left before we will be moving on to the exciting topic of Christmas!!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Seedlings x