What a lovely week we have all had in Seedlings learning all about Easter and new life.

We had a lovely small world area of a little chick farm with lots of little chicks to feel and some of them even hopped! The children loved engaging in this activity looking after the chicks and making them hop hop hop. The children could also explore the straw and weetabix with their hands and they enjoyed this sensory experience very much.

In our malleable area we had dinosaur Easter eggs to explore, some of the dinosaurs were hiding in the eggs so the children had to find them stretching out the play dough or wrapping them up to make them hide again!!! We had big eggs, small eggs and lots of different shaped ones that the children had made and this also enhances the children’s mathematical development of Shape, Space and measure.

Outside we have had also had a Easter egg hunt which the children could follow the sign’s  around the playground to find there eggs. A variety of baskets were available for the children to choose to collect there eggs. We had some nice farm animals in our playground too to cuddle up to alongside some farmland books where the children could enjoy a story with their friends.

On Thursday we had Music exploration in the hall with our lovely Music teacher Anna, the children could choose different instruments to explore and create lovely music. The children were again very creative with this and enjoy the independence to explore freely where they wish in the hall to find an instrument of interest.

We have also had some lovely Easter arts and crafts for the children on our creative tables. We had some beautiful Easter wreaths the children could make or an Easter card to send home for our family’s. The children again can choose there own decorations and we have had some beautiful Artwork.

We hope everyone has a lovely Easter and the children get some lovely treats from the Easter Bunny, we cant wait to hear all about it when we are back in school.

See you all soon, love from Seedlings xxx