Our position and direction numeracy lessons have got off to a fabulous start, we have been learning and developing our knowledge of our left and right. We’ve been developing our listening skills waiting for verbal directions from the teacher as to which directions we need to go. Some students have been able to follow instructions (left, right, forwards and backwards) whilst wearing a blindfold, everyone had so much fun partaking in these lessons. Within these lessons we have also enjoyed hunting for the cheeky monkey and snake that keep moving around our classroom on an evening whilst everyone is at home asleep. Everybody looks forward to finding them when they arrive in class each morning, with good teamwork and using our new skills developed during our numeracy lessons we are able to describe where the snake and monkey are hiding. We are going to be making a start on expanding our preposition vocabulary over the coming week, including in, on, under, over, behind, in between, and next to.

Have a lovely weekend 🙂