Hello everyone!

We are all very excited this week to see lots of building work being started outside our classroom as the extension work has begun!! The children are enjoying seeing the big diggers, tractors and workmen. The workmen are very busy working to make our classroom bigger for lots more fun and learning opportunities for our children. We will keep you all posted on this and are very excited to see the finished results after the summer.

Following our topic of popular story telling, we have been learning all about going on a bear hunt in our reading area this week. We have had the soft grass to feel, the squelchy mud and the cold river in sensory pouches for the children to feel whist we are all bear hunting! Another bear we have been learning about is the Gruffalo, we had a malleable area to make our very own Gruffalo bears using brown play dough, pipe cleaners and googly eyes. The children love being creative and are very proud of their creations.

We are still enjoying our ice-cream shop in Numeracy, the children enjoy singing along and giving the teacher a penny to buy their lovely treats.The children all try really hard with there counting skills during this lesson. Then we get to catch some fish as we count how many we have caught along to ‘12345 Once i caught a fish alive’ , our highest was 5 this week  so we have some very talented children catching them quickly with the net!

We have also been talking about a special day this Sunday and how special our daddies are to us. We have had a creative table for the children to make a little something for there dad’s. We hope you all have a lovely Fathers day and enjoy your special day.

We hope you all have a lovely weekend and look forward to seeing you next week.

Lots of love from Seedlings xxxx