We have had a very busy week in Pine Tree class with lots of super learning and plenty of fun. We have continued with our topic ‘length, weight, and height’.  In our Numeracy lessons we have been comparing various objects and using the vocabulary, longer, shorter, taller, heavier, lighter and we have developed our understanding of estimating different heights and lengths of objects. In Science we have been learning about grouping and classifying materials. We have looked at a range of different items made from wood, paper, plastic, metal, rubber and fabric. We worked in small groups discussing the properties of each item then worked together to sort them into groups. We used paper to make airplanes, boats, ice cream cones and the olympic torch. Throughout the activities we looked at items within our classroom like standing frames, windows, tables etc… and described what they were made from and whether they were soft, hard, brittle, smooth or stretchy.

During our ‘Let’s Talk Makaton’ lesson we have been learning the different signs for ‘friends and family’ members.

Have a fantastic weekend

Love everyone in Pine Tree class 🙂