Hello Everyone,

Just when we thought we couldn’t top world of work week. the festive season has crept up on us. This week we had a very special delivery in our class. it was all wrapped up and we got to take it in turns to rip the paper off to see what it was. We ware all excited to see a little elf in a box. He came with a story for us all to share. We all chose his name Bob. We are all eagerly awaiting all the fun things he will get up too.

We have also been following instructions in computing and planting our own seeds. We’re all going to water them to find out what we have planted. In History we have been learning all about world war 2 and this week has been all about rationing. We got to make and taste some war time pancakes and they went down a treat with the children.

This week we have been so so  busy getting ready for the class assembly. We have all been dressing up and playing different characters, getting lots of photos and videos for you all to see. Hope you all enjoyed our assembly……

…….and lastly we have been having some Christmas fun making videos to share with you later this month.

Hope you have an amazing weekend

lots of love

Elm Tree x