We’ve had a busy first week back after a week off!

As a class we celebrated Pancake Day, first we talked about Pancake Day and the meaning of it, then we all had a competition to see who could flip a pancake the most in 1 minute. We then got to try pancakes and choose our own toppings, we had lemon juice, sugar, and Cadburys chocolate spread.

We have also started a new topic in PSD – Personal Safety. We have talked about how to cross the road safely, medicines and the different forms they come in, for example syrup, injections and tablets. We also talked about people who keep us safe, for example friends, family and safe strangers. We also went to the adventure playground with disposable BBQS and toasted marshmallows, this was so we could learn how to be safe with fire.

In Numeracy we have started to learn about time, so on Thursday afternoon as a class we went out into Kirkham to look and see if we could see any clocks, in total as a class we found 210 clocks!!

Here are some pictures of us during the week having fun learning,

Pancake day:



Have a lovely weekend 🙂