It’s all been about money, money, money in Bay Tree class this week! We have really loved reading and learning about The Very Hungry Caterpillar book this term, so we have furthered this by including the caterpillar in our numeracy lessons too!

We read through our Hungry Caterpillar book again and we spoke and signed the different food that the caterpillar ate. We were then set a range of challenges were we had to find and count different amounts of money to help the caterpillar buy his food.

We looked at different types of money in both paper and coin forms and we even had a very exciting treasure hunt around our classroom; where we had to correctly identify the amount of money we needed and then search around the classroom for the corresponding coin to match.

Also, this weeks History lessons have involved money and shops too, as we have been learning about old and new shops. We looked closely at the way old and new shops looked and the different kind of items they would sell in each of them.

We then used all of our senses to explore a range of items that we would find in old and new shops, such as smelling the blue cheese, tasting the handmade bread and feeling the cockels. We then explored a range of money and enjoyed role playing the customer and shop keeper; buying and selling different foods in our class shop. We even had our own shop till to help us collect, sort and count the money that we had too!

To finish our fun history topic, we found a recipe for Gruel, which we learnt people often cooked and ate a long time ago.  We enjoyed getting messy by weighing, pouring, mixing and stirring the ingredients together and we even got the chance to taste our homemade ‘gruel’ too! We hope you have a lovely weekend and maybe you can buy something from a shop or look at some coins at home too.