In Bay Tree class this week, we have started our new Design Technology topic, where we are learning all about following and giving instructions. At the start of the week, we introduced our new topic with an exciting new song called ‘Grilled Cheese’ by Koo Koo Kangaroo –  (, which we loved dancing and singing to! Then we looked at examples of different instructions, such as how to wash our hands and how to make a sandwich. We spoke about the different words we can use when giving instructions, such as ‘first’, ‘next’ and ‘then’ and we used Makaton, our voices and our communicators to follow and repeat the instructions. Next, we had fun completing a range of tasks and activities, such as washing our hands, where we had to follow the instructions to create something, or where we gave another person instructions to complete the task. We really enjoyed these activities, as it allowed us to use our creative skills and to work together with our friends and teachers. Finally, to demonstrate our learning, we were set the task of making our very own sandwiches! We discussed our ideas about what ingredients we’d need and what we need to do in what order. Then we set about making our delicious snack and as I’m sure you can see from the photographs, we really enjoyed tasting the finished product too! We hope you all have a lovely weekend and maybe you can have a dance to our Grilled Cheese song or try giving and following some instructions together at home this weekend.