Well we have been taking advantage of the beautiful weather in Bay Tree class this week! We have started our new Art topic, where we have learnt about two artists; Andy Goldsworthy and Richard Long.

To introduce our topic, we explored a range of art work by Andy and Richard and we looked at the different ways that they used natural resources to make sculptures and pictures.

Next, we then learnt about the different techniques that these artists use and how they make dots, lines and spirals in natural ‘earthy’ colours, to create their artwork. We even practiced these techniques ourselves using pens, felt tips and our fingers in paint to make dots, spirals, lines and circles.

The next day, we went on our very own nature walk around the local area; where we collected a wide variety of beautiful flowers, leaves, pebbles, grass, stones and sticks of all shapes and sizes! We then used these resources to create our very own pieces of natural artwork; gluing leaves and stones to make hedgehog spikes, painting pebbles to make different shapes and painting sticks to make marks on our paper!

Finally, to finish off our arty topic, we had lots of fun creating a whole class collage with a range of natural objects! We took time to explore each item and talked about how they smell, feel and look and then arranged the items to make our very own artistic creation!

As you can tell from our photographs, we have had so much fun and we are very proud of each of the beautiful, natural artwork that we have created! We hope you all have a lovely two weeks off and that you get the chance to do something that you really enjoy at home!